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Espresso Talk Today

Oct 22, 2021

Black actors have been fighting for racial justice and social change for decades.  Eartha Kitt. Jesse Williams. Danny Glover. Cecile Tyson--and many more used their fame and fortune to make a change in society.  They risked a lot. Some were “blackballed” from the entertainment industry. Others were ostracized. Some lost everything for their beliefs and work in creating a better society.  In this podcast show, we will discuss the controversial role of Black actor-activists who used (and continue to use) their “influence” to fight for racial and social justice. We will ask whether it is appropriate for celebrities to take controversial positions and use their fame as a forum for social change. We discuss who the actors were that took these courageous steps. This show will discuss these issues and tell the story of these brave actor-activists. We will end with a short “quiz” about the actors and their roles in social change.