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Espresso Talk Today

Jul 10, 2020

Since George Floyd's murder, Black Lives Matter has received a lot of attention from many sources: media, politicians, athletes, and ordinary people. And it is (finally!) receiving a lot of understanding from the White community. But Black Lives Matter did not just emerge on the scene following Mr. Floyd's horrific murder. It actually formed in 2013 following the murder of 17-year old Trayvon Martin by a self-proclaimed and armed community volunteer in Florida who labeled him as a thug.  Black Lives Matter has since been organizing, marching, protesting, and working tirelessly since that time to make the world understand that Black lives are threatened every day. No Black life is safe. The movement has faced scorn and rejection by many in the White community. The activist-organizers have even been called terrorists! Robin and Hans discuss Black Lives Matter and its evolution and growth as a movement. Many people are unfamiliar with its humble beginnings, its dedicated founders, its unique structure as a grassroots organization, and its dedication to saving Black lives. In this episode, you will get the facts. You don't want to miss this enlightening episode!