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Espresso Talk Today

Jul 17, 2020

Systemic racism is widely recognized and is (finally) being fought and dismantled.  Around the world, people are protesting against racism and racial violence. Education is one important area in which racism is recognized and also being attacked. Leading the movement against racism in educational systems are students of color who are feeling empowered to fight for an education that acknowledges and supports them. This has led to examining educational curricula, questioning who decides the boundaries of knowledge, and critiquing power systems that maintain white supremacy. In this unique discussion, Robin and Ben question how to decolonize educational systems. They also examine how the educational structure is damaging to students of color while unfairly elevating white students. As a Black university student in Amsterdam, Ben discusses his frustrations with the educational curriculum that excludes the contributions of people of color and his abhorrence to the pseudo-scientific and racist research of certain acclaimed white professors. This is a dynamic discussion that might cause you to question your own educational experiences as well as that of your children!