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Espresso Talk Today

May 15, 2020

People read different kinds of modern or classic fiction. Others read modern or historical nonfiction, essays, or articles. However, there is one type of fiction that is often overlooked yet has been on the literary scene for more than a thousand years: Folktales. Often relegated to simple children's stories, folktales are an ancient form of entertainment. Most folktales are written with human characters. Others are part of the oral tradition with animals taking the lead as human protagonists. Whether written or oral, they are all culture-based, value-driven short stories that entertain children and adults alike.  Doug and Robin discuss the importance of folktales as a written and oral form of literature. In this special episode, they read several folktales and discuss their cultural and ethical meanings.  Join them to experience this ancient form of entertainment that will also make you think and uplift your spirit.