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Espresso Talk Today

Sep 25, 2020

Fortune 500 Corporations are considered both financial powerhouses and leaders in social change. Yet corporate leadership is undeniably white and male. Today, there are only 4 African American (all male) CEOs.  And most corporations have few--most have none!--African Americans on the Boards of Directors or in other executive roles. Following the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, many corporations pledged to work for racial and social justice and equity. Yet most of these white male-led businesses have yet to make meaningful changes in the advancement of people of color. Hans and Robin hold a heated, yet amicable, discussion about the role of corporations as leaders of social change and their responsibility in making reforms. They also discuss the lack of African Americans in corporate leadership roles and the impact of this failure on the African American community and wider American society. Please join them to discuss how more African Americans can take leadership roles and whether more patience is needed in fighting for and expecting real change. You don't want to miss this exciting episode.