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Espresso Talk Today

Apr 28, 2021

Financial hardships can happen to anyone. Anytime.  But there are ways to protect your income and future--and it's easier than ever! Yet many people remain unprotected and vulnerable. If you like tax-free cash income then join us to discuss the power of life insurance. In this show, financial educator, Jorick Gaines with WealthWave, Inc. will discuss the importance and power of life insurance. No, it is not only for after death! No, it is not only for older people! Life insurance is one of the most important parts of your financial portfolio and you can reap the benefits right now.  Already have life insurance?  Great, if it's the right kind and right amount.   Jorick discusses ways to protect your income and financial future using life insurance and by creating an emergency fund.  His advice works for people in all income categories and age groups. Join Robin and Marlene as they ask both easy and complex questions about ways to protect your financial future.  The time to start is now!