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Espresso Talk Today

Oct 9, 2020

Young people are a powerful group--especially in elections. In the United States, young voters (aged 18 to 29) make up more than half of eligible voters. This group is diverse, informed, intelligent, and focusing on the future. Yet many young people choose not to vote. Their reasons range from a lack of interest to disillusionment with the political process. A growing group--the informed nonvoter--chooses not to participate in electoral politics but instead focuses on grassroots activism to affect change. In one of their most important discussions, Espresso Talk Today includes a new voice to the team: activist and actress Marlene Slaughter.  Together they acknowledge the difficulties and disillusionment of young voters but also stress the importance of voting and how young people can and should encourage change through different methods.  Join this lively and uncommon discussion. No judgments. Just openness, listening, and lots of thought-provoking ideas.