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Espresso Talk Today

Sep 10, 2021

“Many college-educated Black Americans are entering
corporate America with dreams, ready to do great things, but they're confronted with an unwelcoming culture." The Black community has always focused on education as a way of obtaining financial security, political power, and even upward mobility on a personal level. The Espresso Talk Today team is joined by Kimberly Slaughter, Chief Executive Officer of Systra USA. She will discuss her personal and educational journey to this powerful position as well as her experiences as a Black woman professional, executive, and corporate leader. She will also discuss the importance of getting the" right" education, defining the "right" education, and how this is just the first step along the journey to the C-suite. This interview will conclude in the next episode with Kim Slaughter discussing her professional journey and obstacles that she met and overcame along the way.