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Espresso Talk Today

Jun 2, 2021

Americans love Paris. The food. The art. The language. Black Americans also love Paris--for different reasons. The freedom. The equality. The experience of living in a "colorblind" society. This led many Black Americans to settle in Paris. James Baldwin. Chester Himes. Beauford Delaney. Josephine Baker. Jazz musicians. Artists.  Military servicemen. Black Americans were looking for a "home" where they could live without the pervasive racism and violence in America. For many, Paris became this new home. The Espresso Talk Today team discusses the Black American presence and influence in Paris with Monique Wells who founded Entrée to Black Paris tours, which conducts tours of Paris focusing on the Black American and Black diasporan presence in the City of Lights. Join the team to learn the surprising and untold stories of Black Americans in Paris. Forget the Eiffel Tower. See the café where America's greatest Black writers would gather in Paris!