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Espresso Talk Today

Nov 11, 2020

Veteran's Day in America or Armistice Day in Europe is devoted to honoring all of those who have served the country in war or peace.  All soldiers should be recognized for their service and the special challenges that they faced. African American soldiers have faced enemies abroad and at home. Yet their service and courage are often overlooked or downplayed.  Not on Espresso Talk Today! Join Hans and Robin for an unusual and inspiring episode. Hans presents a folk story about facing your fear and showing courage--both of which Black soldiers did on a daily basis. Robin introduces the show with a discussion about the role of Black soldiers in America's wars. Spoiler alert: Black soldiers fought in every war since the American Revolution.  And their battles did not end when they returned home. The real battles began when they came home. They continued to show their same courage and valor when facing homegrown violence. Don't miss this exciting and enlightening episode that honors our Black veterans and their families.  Remember to thank them for their service.