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Espresso Talk Today

Jul 24, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has a new star on the scene: the mask. In the midst of fear and isolation during the lockdown as well as people wondering who the virus will target next, scientists, policymakers, and ordinary people are looking for solutions to the COVID pandemic. The mask is being touted by many as an easy way to stop the spread of the illness. Many countries have made wearing the mask mandatory in stores, restaurants, and other indoor venues.  For this reason, some people believe that the requirement to wear a mask infringes on their individual rights. Americans and Europeans share many ideas and values but they sharply diverge on the government's power to mandate masks. This conflict is affecting the ability to stop the spread--individually, nationally, and globally.  In this unusual episode, the Espresso Talk Today team meets to discuss the "mask" experiences in their state or country.   Doug (yes, he's back!) in Seattle, Hans in New York, Ben in Amsterdam and Robin in Brussels discuss how their country (or state) is handling the pandemic, the government's decision on masking, and how the pandemic is being controlled in their respective areas. Listen and join this unique conversation.  Is it a public health issue or an issue of individual rights?