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Espresso Talk Today

Jun 24, 2022

Real Talk Show!  Summer is here and people are traveling again! Here is an idea: Visit Black history sites! Many of these places are unknown. Others are ignored. Terrible shame! These sites are informative, exciting, and affordable. The Espresso Talk Today team is joined by educator Kirk Wadi for another Real Talk show....

Jun 17, 2022

Harambee! The Espresso Talk Today team is celebrating Juneteenth! We present an original, based-on-fact story read by Marlene Slaughter. In the second part, Elder Mel reads a narrative by her great-grandaunt, Miss Rosina Hoard who had been enslaved in Texas. We also discuss the meaning of Juneteenth,...

Jun 10, 2022

Every Black person has experienced a racial (or racist) encounter.  In today's show, the ETT team members discuss actual racial encounters that we have experienced and how we handled them. Professor William Smith returns to analyse them from a psychological and Black-centered perspective. Don't miss this show!

Jun 3, 2022

Racism is a serious problem. Living in an anti-Black environment seriously damages the mental and physical health and well-being of Black people. The data proves this fact. Yet there are ways that Black people can protect themselves from racial stress and trauma. Professor William Smith returns to present coping...