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Espresso Talk Today

Apr 15, 2022

Robert E. Lee Memorial Statue (Richmond, VA). Edmund Pettus Bridge (Selma, AL). Confederate Soldiers & Sailors Obelisk (Birmingham, AL). Buffalo Bill Cultural Center (Kansas). Columbus Day holiday. Gone with the Wind. What do these have in common? They remember the history of White Americans.  However, many people—particularly people of color—are denouncing these public remembrances for their idealization of slavery, segregation, genocide, mass rape, and other atrocities. Other people respond that their history or heritage is under attack.  Who is right? Can we respond in a way that acknowledges the full--and often ugly--history? The Espresso Talk Today team approaches these difficult questions and gives their opinions about what should be done about these historical sites. Join us in this lively discussion about White supremacy hidden in plain sight. There are no right or wrong answers--just opinions here! Grab your espresso...