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Espresso Talk Today

Oct 30, 2020

Are African Americans experiencing a third Great Migration? Fact: African Americans are leaving the United States in unprecedented numbers. The reasons vary. Racism tops the list. But the list is long and the experiences different. African Americans have a long history of living abroad. James Baldwin. Richard Wright. Josephine Baker. Paul Robeson. Today, African Americans are also leaving for non-racism-related reasons such as pursuing education, experiencing other cultures, pursuing career opportunities, learning another language, and many other reasons. Join Robin (who lives in Belgium) and Hans for an interesting and insightful discussion about this Third Great Migration. The conversation presents facts about Blacks moving abroad but also gets personal about experiences that expanded their outlook, challenged their perceptions, and created memorable moments.  This groundbreaking and uncommon conversation explores the trials and tribulations of Moving Abroad While Black. Don't miss it!