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Espresso Talk Today

Oct 1, 2021

The fastest-growing demographic segment worldwide is the senior population. People are living longer and more are staying healthy as they age. Yet age-related illnesses like dementia, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes are realities for some senior citizens and their families. With this growing population has arisen an area of law that is dedicated to protecting and empowering older adults. This is Elder Law. Through advanced planning, older adults can prepare for these illnesses, which can leave them both physically and mentally incapacitated. African Americans have a disproportionate risk of these illnesses.  Yet they do not have access to the health care treatment, early diagnosis, or long-term health and financial tools to help them and their caregivers manage this situation with dignity. As a practicing Elder Law attorney, Doug discusses practical ways that senior citizens and their families can prepare for medical difficulties, protect their financial assets and make decisions that allow them to live their lives in dignity.  This is especially important to African American seniors and their families who have struggled to build wealth through the generations. You won't want to miss this uncommon meeting with an Elder Law attorney!