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Espresso Talk Today

Nov 20, 2020

This 2020 holiday season will be different. We have to accept that fact. The COVID-19 pandemic could prevent people from safely enjoying their holiday traditions, which often involve meeting with family and friends, shopping in crowded stores, and enjoying holiday festivals.  The holidays are already very stressful but the long-lasting pandemic and COVID fatigue are compounding this stress into potential threats to our mental and physical health. The Espresso Talk Today Team is committed to savoring holiday traditions while remaining safe.  Robin, Mel, and Marlene discuss creative ways to celebrate the holiday season. They also discuss easy ways to protect mental health.  Some ideas are virtual. Others are creatively distanced (think: drive-by potluck dinners!) All are safe and responsible.  The conversation also focuses on the mental health challenges presented in this difficult time. Join the ETT Team for this potentially health-saving, lively, and very uncommon conversation that can help you to think outside the COVID restriction box and enjoy your holiday season.