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Espresso Talk Today

Sep 3, 2021

Simone Biles. Naomi Osaka. Nicole Hannah-Jones. Meghan Markle. Rosa Parks. What do these women share? Besides excelling in their professions, they are also working in an environment that exposes them to mental or physical harm. Most importantly, they all refused to allow themselves to suffer harm in their toxic professional environments. They all simply refused. In academia, elite sports, and beyond, Black women are facing pressure and criticism in their quest to excel in their professions. We are simply expected to endure harsh criticism, excessive stress, and punishment within their professions and from society at large. The Espresso Talk Today team is focusing on the impact of professional stress on one’s mental and physical health—and how to manage and control it.  In this episode, we will discuss the courageous women who have taken extraordinary steps to protect their mental health. They all began by saying, “no” to the dangerous and destructive expectations of a society that does not value them. We will discuss the power of saying no and other ways that we can protect our mental health.