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Espresso Talk Today

Aug 12, 2022

Why is kindness important in antiracism work? What does kindness look like in the fight against racism? In this folktale called Lord of the Cranes, the main character tests the kindness and helpfulness of a wealthy businessman.  This folktale, similar to the parable of The Good Samaritan, introduces the importance of...

Aug 5, 2022

 What happens if you discover that your friend holds racist views? Or homophobic views? Or sexist attitudes? Bias exists in every person. Yet racism, sexism, antisemitism, and anti-LGBTQ-ism take prejudice to a different and possibly dangerous level. Handling a racist "friend" is a difficult situation.  Hans and Ben...

Jul 15, 2022

Thugs. Criminals. Angry. Dangerous. Stereotypes persist about African Americans. Stereotypes are pervasive in society. Everyone holds stereotypes about other groups. Are they all harmful? Do they hold any truth? The Espresso Talk Today team discusses both old and modern stereotypes about African Americans and their...

Jun 10, 2022

Every Black person has experienced a racial (or racist) encounter.  In today's show, the ETT team members discuss actual racial encounters that we have experienced and how we handled them. Professor William Smith returns to analyse them from a psychological and Black-centered perspective. Don't miss this show!